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3 Values

  1. We build on the purity of the world. Pure people, relations and products.
  2. We aim to do what’s right in every situation. The right intentions and actions. But also the right speed, the right flavor and the right sources.
  3. We revel in the fact that everyone and everything is connected. We are all part of it.

‘Good health is made up of twenty-five percent diet, twenty-five percent exercise, and fifty percent happiness.’

‘Life is like a mirror. We get the best results when we smile at it.’

6 guidelines

Practice happiness in everything you do.

Do what feels right and give it your all.
Be positive first, second and last.
Aim higher and live up to your ambitions.
Lose yourself in doing what you love.
Build true relations with people, society and the world.
Make art the true gift from the soul.

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