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A journey through New Zealand

The idea of opening a salad bar emerged when we were exploring New Zealand. As it is one of the purest places on earth, we just had to go and experience it for ourselves. And so we traveled for weeks, from North to South and back again. Salad bars were all over the place. We wanted to spend as much time as possible discovering the country, of course, so we longed for easy, healthy meals all the time. Salads turned out to be the ultimate solution.




On the other side of the world, you can find New Zealand, surrounded by oceans and seas. As the ‘purest place on earth’, the country is known for its extremely beautiful, diverse and unique nature. Whether you visit New Zealand to relax or for the adrenaline, you are in the right place. You will find mountains and rivers, forests and lakes, glaciers and fjords, volcanoes and beaches… you name it, you got it. Millions of years ago, the country has detached itself from the rest of the world. As a result, nature has taken its own course there. You will find landscapes and plants you won’t find anywhere else. In their purest form.


Man first set foot in New Zealand only 1.000 years ago, making it the latest country in the world to be populated by humans. The first residents were ‘Maori‘, originating from ‘Polynesia’. Today, the population of New Zealand is a mixture of people from Oceania, Europe and Asia. They are all represented in the New Zealand cuisine, which is known as ‘Pacific Rim‘. Although this cuisine is highly varied, there is a unity in the way New Zealanders experience food, as relaxed and pure as possible. They are lucky to have access to fresh produce, from the land, the sea or  their own backyard.




Although the ‘laidback’ way of living in New Zealand has stayed the same, there is a trend going on. Many New Zealanders eat healthier each day. There is a growing demand for organic, locally produced/grown and home-made food. Healthy cafes are popping up everywhere and almost every shopping mall has a juice bar. People increasingly do their shopping at local farmer’s markets, opting for seasonal products. You can find more inspiration on the site of New Zealand.


As you read in our manifesto, our mission is to make people happy. The link with New Zealand is evident.

  1. NZ is featured in the top 10 of most happy countries of the world.
  2. NZ is third on the list of best countries to live in.
  3. NZ is number 1 when it comes to social progress.

No wonder that it was the first country where women could vote. No wonder that nature is everywhere. And no wonder that enjoying healthy food is becoming more common. We would love to bring a touch of that New Zealand vibe to Holland.


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