Personal message from the founder Arjan Koen

As founder of HAKA, I have an important announcement to make. Two and a half years after we opened the doors of the first salad bar in Delft – and the first gluten-free salad bar in the Netherlands – it is time for a new chapter. We continue as a healthy caterer.

Although I did enjoy every minute of the HAKA adventure, I felt that it won’t give me enough satisfaction in the long run. Since young I’ve been working within the hospitality industry and the thing I enjoyed most was socializing with guests. I live up if I can make people happy. With tasty and pure products, but above all with service. In the salad bar, I notice that there aren’t enough opportunities to have contact with the guests. Orders are now picked up or delivered. Nine out of ten customers I don’t see or speak with. And this is the type of contact that I’m currently missing.

We took our time to think about the right decision and now feel that it’s time to take the next step. We see a huge growth in healthy catering and it is a great challenge for me personally.

In the future we will work with Hills & Mills even more closely to provide Delft with healthy catering options even better. With this decision, the salad bar at the Wijnhaven is no longer a necessity. Therefore, we will open our doors for the last time on Friday February 16. Hereafter, the place will be put up for rent.

Because of the closer collaboration with Hills & Mills, the kitchen will no longer be 100% gluten-free. It is a pity that we won’t be able to serve guests with a gluten allergy anymore. However, there is also a very large group of people who are avoiding gluten as much as possible because of a (healthy) lifestyle instead of an allergy. Fortunately, we can continue to serve these people.

Looking forward
As said, on Friday, February 16, 2018, our guests were able to order their favorite salad for the last time! With the focus on catering, we will take new steps to innovate and extend our offer further. We will focus on a higher segment and we will provide more service. The menu will also be expanded with shared dinners and there are plans for a mobile salad bar.

Thank you
Thanks to you, we have been able to experience this great HAKA adventure. We are extremely grateful for all the guests we could make happy. We look forward to the next step. Who knows, maybe we’ll take care of your healthy catering one day… See you soon!